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At nez living we cultivate and inspire an intentional lifestyle. We aim to equip you with the right organizational tools to create a life for yourself that enables you to maintain structure, and to reach your goals and visions, alongside connecting to your inner self.

Vanessa van den Brink founder of nez living

We value both style and sustainability, while we see these two things as complementary rather than ruling each other out. Our products present professional and modern, making them the perfect sophisticated tool to use in your work context, but also in your personal space and downtime. The interplay between goal orientation and mindfulness is fundamental for our objectives and designs.

Our story

The human being has a desire for peace of mind, a creative outlet, balance, and a purpose in life. This is however most commonly not feasible when people go about their everyday lives as they will more times than not, be influenced and negatively affected by a restless mind, disorganization, and aimlessness.

Research shows that these negative routines can be avoided with the right tools, such as structured time management and efficient organizing. Structured time management can help the individual to decrease anxiety and disorder, while conscious compartmentalising of work processes enables you to take charge of your well-being by creating a framework and ambition for all aspects of life – whether it is in connection to your business life, school work, personal life or something completely different.

The stationery products we offer cultivate creativity and motivation together with contemplation and reflection of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. At nez living we believe that the way to approach your everyday life should be with intention, innovation, and structure. This will help you reach overall balance and consciousness.

Our Values

Enabling you to live intentionally, we make conscious and considered choices for our business practices as we believe that everything in this world is connected and business should be done with the biggest respect for people and our planet.

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Our products are created socially responsible, mostly in collaboration with family run businesses, and we pay fair prices to all vendors in our supply chain. We aspire to produce locally to keep transportation to a minimum and our carbon footprint down. At nez living we offer luxury products that live up to the highest quality standards and withstand the test of time, for you to hold on to them without feeling the need of unnecessary and wasteful replacements.

Our materials are vegan, as we refuse to incorporate any animal products, and are largely bio-based, as we source and use natural materials if possible. Where the use of fossil materials is necessary, we focus on substituting virgin fossil fibres through recycled alternatives.

We are aware that even though we do our utmost best to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, there is still a long way to go before we achieve a true carbon neutral and zero-waste practice. Trying to stay ahead of these developments, we have decided to compensate more than 100% of our carbon footprint through CHOOOSE.

The carbon footprint of our products has been evaluated and defined at 4.04 kgCO2e together with endrava and you can read more about their analysis in their official report on the emissions of our products. When comparing our nez living products to traditional stationery we can conclude that if conventional materials were used the emissions would be 2.6 times higher.

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