A sustainable way of doing business is the foundation of our building blocks here at nez living. The way we approach sustainability is by supporting the 6 R’s which originate from the concept of Circular Economy.

Circular Economy supports a fundamental system change by replacing the ‘end-of-life’ notion for products with a restorative and regenerative business model shifting towards the use of renewable energy, eliminating waste, as well as banning the use of toxic chemicals. The aim is to accomplish sustainable development, while simultaneously creating environmental quality, economic prosperity, and social equity, benefitting current and future generations, giving us a more holistic view on business.


》To make a product or material redundant by refusing and replacing it all together or to a great extent.

We support the strategy of Refusing by replacing fossil materials through bio-based materials wherever we can, as well as by eliminating excess packaging which would go directly to waste anyway.


》To enable a more intense usage of the product.

We support the strategy of Rethinking by offering high quality stationery which will stand the test of time, as well as by offering a flexible layout to increase a broad application of our products.


》To minimise the usage of resources.

We support the strategy of Reducing by explicitly sourcing materials where fewer resources are needed for the production (e.g. our organic cotton in terms of water and energy), as well as by choosing certain suppliers which themselves focus on the conservation of materials used (e.g. stamping foil in terms of minimiSing the actual pigment on the product). Moreover, we are consciously and intentionally setting up our supply chain in a way that excess transportation is reduced to a minimum.


》To use discarded materials in a new product with a different function.

We support the strategy of Repurposing by sourcing our vegan leather from VEGEA, a manufacturer which uses the discarded waste of wine production and gives it a second life as a major part of vegan leather.


》To process waste-materials into the same function as they originally have been.

We support the strategy of Recycling by using materials which are 100% recycled such as our 100% recycled paper with the ecolabel ‘Blue Angel”, or the thread for bookbinding which is made 100% from recycled PET bottles.


》To use materials as input for new and enhanced products.

We support this strategy of Recovering by using and generating paper-waste which can be used as feedstock for bio-materials and bio-refinery, more info here.