" The story of nez living can be brought back to the moment in time when I myself was searching for a new notebook and couldn't find what I was looking for. Personally I search for brands with a story, offering something more than just the product they are selling, brands that have values aligning with mine, and brands that understand the importance of quality to make their products last longer and reduce the necessity of replacement...

  • Within the stationery world I could either find brands focusing on the sustainability aspect of their products, but unfortunately were losing sight of quality and design [why is it that sustainable products mostly come in the colour-ways of dark brown and green?], products targeted at younger girls with pink rainbows and kittens, or your standard leather goods which besides of being rather boring totally disregard my need for a brand's awareness of their carbon footprint and an effort to at least try to make considered choices within their business practices.

    After 1.5 years of building the business, a long journey to find just the perfect materials, and setting up cooperations with the right suppliers, nez living was finally born, spreading my philosophy of Living Intentionally.

    Warmly, Vanessa "

our vision

Inspiring and enabling your intentional living.

our purpose

Our purpose is to help you approach your everyday life with intention and a balanced mind, easing the process of bringing thoughts and concepts on paper as an integral part of your structured self-management and creative expression.

our mission

We facilitate your intentional lifestyle by crafting sustainable stationery with vegan materials and eco-friendly practices while safeguarding our premium quality standards and enhancing your wellbeing and productivity in style.