We facilitate your intentional lifestyle by crafting sustainable stationery with vegan materials and eco-friendly practices while safeguarding our premium quality standards and enhancing your wellbeing and productivity in style.

vegan & eco-friendly

using organic and natural bio-based materials or 100% consumer recycled alternatives

sustainable practices

locally sourcing materials from within the EU & cultivating a minimum-waste approach

footprint reduction

printing climate neutrally & offsetting total CO2 emissions by >100%

premium quality

craftsmanship made in Germany by small-scale family-run business partners

sophisticated design

timeless pieces presenting both professional and modern

Our notebooks are printed climate neutrally and all necessary materials are sourced locally, enabling us to keep transportation to a minimum and our carbon footprint down.

The CO2 emissions we have - which are already reduced by more than 60% compared to traditional notebooks - are compensated by more than 100% via climate projects in collaboration with chooose.today.

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Ensuring social responsibility as well as our high quality standards, we have our products made in Germany by traditional craftsmen of family run businesses.

Our products are vegan.

We use eco-certified materials such as 100% consumer recycled paper (with Blauer Engel certificate), 100% consumer recycled polyester, vegan bio-leather made from grapes skins being leftover from wine making processes, organic cotton and natural rubber.

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We cultivate a minimum-waste approach by packaging our products free from any plastic with eco-friendly kraft paper and product stickers made from recycled paper and vegan eco-friendly glue. Excessive printed add-ons like marketing materials or printed invoice documents are also avoided within your package.

We value both sustainability and style, while we see these two things as complementary rather than ruling each other out. The interplay between goal orientation and mindfulness is fundamental for our objectives and designs.

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